As a perennial student, i’ve managed to develop an incredible knack for procrastination. It doesn’t feel wrong—whatever it is i’m reading, watching or investigating always seems important at the time. But alas, work it’s not. And i actually enjoy my work, so i wouldn’t mind doing a little more of it.

Hence this blog.

I figure if i’m going to spend an inordinate amount of time finding ingenious ways to avoid real work, i might as well chronicle my evasive wanderings. This is really in everyone’s best interest… the more i have to chronicle my evasions, the less time i’m likely to devote to them, since they become like work.  Not only do i get more done, whenever i am procrastinating, i serve the nebulous blogosphere as a human data miner, scanning the web, drawing connections, adding my thoughts, as insightful or banal as they may be. The result, i hope: happier halewi, happier supervisors, happier world.

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