Haaretz calls IDF friendly-fire deaths ‘the worst incident’ in Gaza thus far (but only in Hebrew)

A friend of mine who used to work at Haaretz — Israel’s major ‘left-leaning’ paper — recently alerted me to the following excerpt from an article posted on the media outlet’s Hebrew-language website:

שלושת החיילים מגדוד 13 של חטיבת גולני, נהרגו אתמול בתקרית החמורה ביותר ברצועת עזה מאז החל מבצע “עופרת יצוקה” לפני עשרה ימים

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Now, Hebrew is not my first language. That said, to me this sentence (literally) reads:

The three soldiers from battailon 13 of the Golani Bridgade were killed yesterday in the worst incident in the Gaza strip since the beginning of Operation ‘Cast Lead’ 10 days ago.

The worst incident in the Gaza strip? Hmm. Really?

Perhaps mentioning civilian Arab casualties simply doesn’t sell. Fine, it’s a capitalist economy. But where’s the journalistic integrity in that calculus?

Even if we give Haaretz the benefit of the doubt on this one, it’s a rather revealing, if not downright disturbing, little Freudian slip on their part.

Interestingly, this is how the sentence appeared on Haaretz’s English-language site:

…The three belonged to Golani’s Battalion 13. Golani battalion commander Lieutenant Colonel Oren Cohen was among the seriously wounded.

The incident was the most grave so far for IDF troops in 10 days of Operation Cast Lead.

…via this link.

Note the conspicuous addition of ‘for IDF troops‘ for the benefit of the English-reading public. Hmm.

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