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Marwan Barghouti: the equalizer?

Al-Ahram Weekly | Opinion | Marwan Barghouti: the equalizer

Palestinians need Marwan Barghouti. They’ve become Israelites, wandering the desert in search of a homeland, and in their case a shepherd too. They need him to lead by example, to stand up to Israel, reorganise and re-energise Fatah, and reconcile with Hamas so that their full potential can be unleashed. They need him to restore equilibrium to the Holy Land.

And the Holy Land needs it. Conflict between Israel and Palestine conforms to the nature of each participant — strong and weak. The result is an inequality that pervades negotiations, military operations, and civil building projects like settlements. There is no healthy exchange, no push and pull.

The Palestinians are being pushed by Israel, with President Obama providing additional muscle. Their strategy has failed to produce any progress towards a two-state solution, only asymmetrical warfare with no end in sight. Barghouti may not be such a nightmare for Israel after all. He is what Palestinians desperately need, but Israel needs him too. James Gundun.


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